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Cleaning of Ball Screw Bearings

Ball screws are mainly formed by screw, nut, ball, holder, wipers, and the return tube. The ball assembly acts as the nut while the threaded shaft is the screw. They have many features such as high precision, long life, and low pollution. These products can be widely used in industrial machinery such as precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, and transport machinery, etc.

Ball screw bearing plays a very important role in many different applications. Ball screws offer an efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion by the use of a number of bearing balls that transfer the load between the nut and screw. Bearing maintenance is always the focus because the failure of products can lead to many serious problems. Many methods can be adopted to do the maintenance. Among them, the cleaning is one of the simplest ways.

Now, let us learn something about the cleaning of these bearings. Although ball screws often have some sort of shielding or casing, even the best protected screw sometimes gets contaminated with debris or dust. Thus, the proper cleaning becomes quite necessary.

Before cleaning the them, you should first remove the assembly from the machine. Make sure that the atmosphere is always clean. After that, you should hold the it under running water, repeatedly rotating the nut mechanism along the length of the screw. And place it in a small container filled with an aqueous or organic cleaning agent. There are still many steps to follow.

Then, you should remove the it from the cleaning agent and dry it with a rag. Rotate the nut along the length of the screw and listen for debris in the bearings. After this, you should remove the nut from the screw if you are not sure about whether it has been cleaned thoroughly or not. Next, you can remove bearings from the nut with a pair of tweezers. Be careful not to damage, drop or lose the bearings during removal. Clean the individual bearings and all other screw components with industrial degreaser. Dry the components completely with a rag.

After you complete all the above mentioned steps, the cleaning of the ball screw bearing has been done. Then you many just replace the bearings in the nut mechanism, and reassemble the ball screw.